A Quick Lesson in Tennis Court Types

April 01, 2021

If you want to win in the US Open Tennis Championships, it is going to take a lot of tennis lessons to get there. It will also take you mastering a hard court surface. This is a “traditional” tennis court surface that you’ll see in many clubs. It is the most popular way to build a tennis court because it can withstand all weather and requires the least amount of maintenance. Almost all tennis courts in Abu Dhabi feature a hard surface, including all of those used by Zayed Sports Academy.

Did you know that there are other court surfaces though? Before the US Open, professional tennis players will have faced major challenges at the French Open, a clay surface, and Wimbledon, which is played on grass.

Professional tennis courts are made of many layers that absorb energy in order to prevent injury and give players more stamina. Hard tennis courts are topped with an acrylic surface that allows the ball to bounce consistently. The speed and height varies by material. Clay courts are topped with crushed brick, shale, or stone. This produces a slow play with a high bounce. Grass courts are mowed to a buzz so that the ball bounces faster than on any other surface, also giving a low bounce.

Tennis can also be played on concrete, asphalt, modular tiles, wood, canvas or any other surface really! The surface will impact the way that the ball and players move.

Do you want to become a great tennis player who can master any surface? Contact Zayed Sports Academy to learn more about tennis lessons in Abu Dhabi by clicking here!