How to Fit your Skates Like a Pro

March 01, 2021

It may seem obvious, but wearing properly fitting footwear is pretty essential to sport. One sport that is tricky to fit for is ice skating. Whether you are planning to take a figure skating lesson or join an ice hockey club, a boot that fits snugly will keep you on the ice for longer. Skates that are too big or too small put you at risk for blisters, and throw off your balance so that you are more likely to fall.

We talked to LouAnn, who is an ice skating coach for Zayed Sports Academy and for the UAE Women’s Ice Hockey National Team, to get some top tips that will keep you safe and having fun at our ice rink in Abu Dhabi or wherever you live.

  • Try on an ice skate that is half a size bigger than your normal shoe size
  • Find a size that leaves just a centimetre between the toe of the ice skate and your actual toe
  • Ice skates are tightened in two parts – the foot and the ankle
    • Tighten the foot part first, starting at the toe. Your foot should be strapped snugly but comfortably.
    • Once you tighten the foot, you should be able to walk without feeling squeezing. There must be a little wiggle room for your foot to move around.
    • On the ankle part, the right tightness will allow you to squeeze a finger in. If your finger goes in easily, tighten your laces! Likewise, if you cannot put your finger in, loosen them and try again.

Happy skating!